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Covid-19 Precautions


We wear gloves at all times. We clean interior touch surfaces with the disinfectant spray cleaner, Spray Nine, which has been shown by the EPA to kill Coronavirus19. The EPA registration number is 6659-3, and can be searched on the EPA website here for your verification. Also, please visit for further CDC and EPA documentation.


We also offer a Complete Sanitization/Deodorization service if desired using O3, or Ozone gas to eliminate all disease causing viruses and odor causing bacteria. Find out more here under Interior Add-On Services.

Also, we steam clean all surfaces inside the vehicle which leaves them sterile.

Your safety and our safety are our primary concerns as we strive to do our part in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Please let us know of any concerns you may have, and we will take appropriate measures to address them.

Our Policies
Our Policies


When working at a residence, we typically use the electrical hookup (Standard 110v outlet) available, as well as a standard water hookup. We use an electric power washer so it's safer for your vehicles clear-coat, and you don't have to listen to a generator or gas power washer run for hours. When working at a place of business, or anywhere else that may not have water and electrical available, we provide our own inverter generator power source that is very quiet, as to disturb those around as little as possible. We also provide all our own hoses and electrical lines.

Vehicle Documentation
We take extensive pictures/videos before and after the detail. This is to document the initial condition of the vehicle and the work that was performed. Also, any preexisting damage to the vehicle such as dents, scratches, and cracks in glass, along with any other vehicle damage will be visually documented via photo/video in order to protect us against any unwarranted liability.

Extremely Dirty Vehicles
If your vehicle is extremely dirty, as in your vehicle hasn’t been cleaned in years, you recently transported your child's entire muddy soccer team in the vehicle, or you recently took your truck or Jeep mudding, is subject to a 20% markup on the original cost of your desired package or service to compensate for additional time and materials needed.  For this situation, you will be notified before we begin our services.

Please know that we strive for perfection 100% of the time! However, depending on the age and condition of your vehicle, perfection just may not be possible. Before each detail, we will review the vehicle with you, and assess what, if any, areas may not be able to be brought back to like-new condition. Some examples would include, but not limited to; wheel rims that have not been cleaned in a very long time, and brake dust build-up has corroded the finish on the wheel and eaten into the metal, curb rash on the wheel rim, deep scratches and dents (we do currently offer a minor paint-less dent pulling service under Exterior Stand-Alone Detailing Services below), severe carpet/upholstery staining, and severe interior scuffs and scratches.

Detailing Packges
Detailing Packages & Services

Vehicle Size Designations​

  • Small: 2 Door Car

  • Medium: 4 Door Car, SUV with 2 Seating Rows, 2 or 4 Door Mid-Size Pickup Truck

  • Large: Minivan, Large SUV w/ 3 Rows of Seating, Full Size Light-Duty 4 Door Pickup Truck

  • Extra-Large: XL SUV, Heavy Duty 4-Door Pickup Truck (i.e. Suburban, Expedition Max, Minivan, F-250)


All prices to follow include PA sales tax.

Interior (Only)

Interior Package

Vehicle Size

Small:       $133

Medium:  $175

Large:      $202

X-Large:  $223

  * What's Included?

Interior Add-On Services

- We offer additional interior services that can be added to a full interior detail, or purchased on their own.

  * What's Offered?

* If your vehicle's interior is extremely dirty, a 20% charge will apply. Please see above policies.

For extra-large work vehicles, or for fleet vehicle pricing, please contact us for a custom quote.

Exterior (Only)

Entry-Level Package

Vehicle Size

Small:        $112

Medium:  $154

Large:      $181

X-Large:  $202

  * What's Included?

Mid-Level Package

Vehicle Size               

Small:        $128      

Medium:  $170

Large:      $196

X-Large:  $218

  * What's Included?

*  If you would like to upgrade the Ceramic Spray Sealant to a Lite Ceramic Coating (10-12 months) see pricing structure above.

Lite Ceramic Upgrade





Stand-Alone Services
Exterior Add-On Services

We offer a number of stand-alone exterior services that can be added to an exterior detailing service or interior service, or purchased on their own. Click the link below to see what we offer.

  * What's Offered?

In & Out Combo Packages
In & Out Combos

Entry - In & Out Package

Vehicle Size

Small:            $218

Medium:      $297

Large:          $345

Xtra-Large:  $366

  * What's Included?

Mid - In & Out Package

Vehicle Size               

Small:        $239      

Medium:  $318

Large:      $360

Large:      $398

  * What's Included?


*  If you would like to upgrade the Ceramic Spray Sealant to a Lite Ceramic Coating (10-12 months) see pricing structure above.

Lite Ceramic Upgrade





For extra-large work vehicles, or for fleet vehicle pricing, please contact us for a custom quote.

Motorcycle Packages
Motorcycle Packages

Standard Package


  * What's Included?

Chrome Package

For bikes with a lot of chrome.


  * What's Included?

Maintenance Packages
Maintenance Packages

Maintenance is key to keeping your vehicle looking amazing, and its mix of materials in good condition for many years. If stains are left on upholstery and carpets for to long, they can become permanent, and/or the fibers can become discolored. If you have a ceramic coating installed, the longevity of that coating depends greatly on the maintenance that is performed on it. A ceramic coating is greatly benefited by being topped with a protective sacrificial layer, like a durable ceramic spray sealant like The Last Coat.

We offer 30 to 90 day maintenance plans. Beyond 90 days, we consider the vehicle to need a full detail again.

Interior Maintenance Package

Vehicle Size

Small:                    $65


Xtra-Large:        $100

  * What's Included?

Please have the vehicle clear any personal items, and large trash debris. Thank You!

Exterior Maintenance Package

Vehicle Size

Small/Medium:           $72

Large/Extra-Large:   $92

  * What's Included?  


All above prices include PA sales tax.

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